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XanGo Juice Australia

XanGo Distributor In Australia?

Have you been trying to find a XanGo distributor in Australia?

Thank you for inquiring about Xango juice and the benefits it can have in your daily activities.

If you wish to purchase the juice and live in Australia, you may phone me on the following contact number.

0410 054 554

xango juice for all australia

XanGo Juice Sales In Australia

If you would just like to purchase straight from a website please go to this link for your Xango juice in AUSTRALIA.

Load a case of juice to your shopping cart and you will purchase in a secure (https://) website link.

Cost of XanGo juice is $131 inclusive of all charges. For this price it can be posted to anywhere in Australia. Price of mangosteen juice is current at July 2017.

PLEASE MAKE SURE that you choose the correct option for your purchase.

Most people choose “Wholesale MEMBER” for 25% discount on the RETAIL price.

Don’t want wholesale choose retail and in the next step choose a monthly order to get the 25% discount regardless.

Xango juice  comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Zija International Breaking News in May 2017

XanGo LLC was acquired by Zija International in May 2017 an announcement that shocked the network marketing industry.

Want some more help in the check out process? Please just send an SMS and I will call at a time convenient to you.

Wishing to find out more about Zija products or a business based around Zija and Xango products? Then follow the link and contact me.  Zija International LINK.

Do you want more mangosteen in your Xango Juice?

Xango mangosteen Reserva with more Xanthones

Zija International along with dropping the price of XanGo juice has released RESERVA, the XanGo premium mangosteen juice into Australia. Reserva has 20% more xanthones from mangosteen.

Buy your RESERVA Xango juice here.

Thanks for choosing our service,

Robyn McVeigh