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Since the Zija International acquisition in May 2017.

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XanGo Juice from Mangosteen

Have you been looking for someone to supply Xango juice to you?

Don’t be led astray by paid advertisements that never show you the full cost.  Full price anywhere in Australia for Xango juice is $131.

We supply at XanGo juice wholesale rates.

Just SMS to 0410 054 554 and ask us how.

Why Buy Xango Juice?

Xango juice is the original mangosteen superfruit drink.

Unlike other “knock offs” getting in on the mangosteen bandwagon with pills, tablets and extracts; our product includes the puree of the whole mangosteen superfruit.

We all know just how good for you the skin of fruits are, in Xango juice you will get all that goodness of this superfruit.

What Can Xango Juice Do For You?

Xango juice because it is a puree of the whole superfruit also contains catechins just like green tea, polysaccharides like in aloe vera, anthocyanidins as in all the berry fruits plus the unique benefits from 62 xanthones from mangosteen.

Xanthones are Nature’s forgotten nutrient that we have lost from our diet.

Thank you for your time.

Robyn McVeigh